Your investment in the Red Wolves Foundation has a direct impact on the academic success of our student-athletes and on our ability to win championships. Our ability to build the best facilities and move our program forward depends greatly upon the support we receive. You can help us build our program by committing to maintain or increase your donation and by helping us recruit new members.

Yes. Gifts to the Red Wolves Foundation are tax deductible. Generally, any donations that count toward your overall priority level benefits are 80 percent tax deductible. If you choose to waive benefits, a gift is generally 100 percent tax deductible. Always consult with your tax advisor on how to handle your tax deductions.

Donation amounts must be paid in full by June 30 to avoid forfeiting your current seats.

Yes. The Red Wolves Foundation accepts monthly or quarterly payments for your donation.  This will allow you more time to build your annual donation and with premier teams coming to our campus in the future, building your overall standing within the Red Wolves Foundation will continue to grow in importance.

Because of the high demand for premium seating, the June 30 deadline gives us time to assign any vacated seating to donors. In order for us to fairly serve all of our donors, the Red Wolves Foundation must receive full payment postmarked no later than June 30 in order to avoid forfeiting your seats.

Anyone who wishes to support Arkansas State athletics can join the Red Wolves Foundation. You can make an impact by committing to give as little as $8/month!